Environmental Consulting: A Career Field Ripe for Growth

Though the debate on global warming continues among the scientific community, Americans are becoming more environmentally conscious than ever, and businesses are on the lookout for specialists in this area. Thanks to increasingly stringent environmental rules, requirements in waste management, and the development of the sustainable homebuilding movement, the field of environmental consulting is predicted to experience more than 7 percent job growth during 2011, according to Inc. magazine.

Within Northcentral University’s School of Business and Technology Management, several online degree specializations can prepare Students for a successful and rewarding career in environmental consulting. Northcentral University offers Doctoral and Master’s online degree programs in Business Administration with concentrations in Management of Engineering and Technology and in Public Administration.

Classes in Northcentral University’s Public Administration degree specialization focus on urban and regional planning, enabling a Student to effectively identify environmental issues facing urban areas and determine avenues to address these policies. Research courses train Students to employ the skills necessary to gather, interpret and apply both quantitative and qualitative research, an essential part of every environmental consultant’s job requirements. The degree experience is concluded with a formal research project that allows Students to apply their knowledge by identifying an area for intervention within a workplace, then critiquing, justifying and recommending a plan of preventive action.

An additional applicable specialization area in the School of Business and Technology Management is the focus on Management of Engineering and Technology. This degree concentration instructs Students about the management of environmental systems, with applicable courses including Applied Systems Theory, Quality Management and Principles of Productivity. Similar to the Public Administration requirements, this concentration concludes with a field study project of the Student’s choice that showcases competency of all material through an in-depth research report.

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