Electronic Commerce: The Power of a Click

As anyone who has completed a late-night purchase from a favorite easy chair can attest, the simple click of a mouse offers the convenience that has fueled the growth of electronic commerce. Online retail sales in the U.S. are expected to reach $278.9 billion per year by 2015, according to Forrester Research.

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, entails buying and selling products over the Internet. Implementing an e-commerce platform can expand a company’s brick-and-mortar storefront to reach millions of shoppers across the world. This type of growth creates additional job opportunities in areas such as supply chain management, Internet marketing, and inventory management systems. Inc. magazine predicts the field of electronic commerce will experience more than six percent job growth in 2011. As the industry enlarges, however, some professionals realize they lack expertise in the specific nuances of e-commerce that can provide value to organizations or to their own ventures.

"We’re finding that within the business climate, organizations and corporations are finding the need to send their senior leaders back to school so they can compete in the global marketplace,” said A. Lee Smith, PhD, Dean of Northcentral University’s School of Business and Technology Management.

As a 100 percent online university, Northcentral University is an ideal option for those seeking a digital skill set. Several of Northcentral University’s advanced degree programs effectively prepare a Student for a rewarding career in e-commerce.

The Electronic Commerce specialization within the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration degree offers courses that educate Students about the technology associated with e-commerce and the impact it has on diverse industries and business models. Students will also receive instruction about some of the newest forms of e-commerce, such as mobile platforms and virtual communities.

"When Students come into the doctoral program, they often already know a lot about e-commerce,” Smith continued. "Now, they are exploring, researching and coming up with new approaches. This can raise the level of understanding in the industry or bring new information to the field which can be studied further. They become the authenticators of that material.”

Northcentral University also offers an Electronic Commerce degree specialization within the Master of Business Administration degree. This concentration highlights components of the field that are applicable for entrepreneurs as well as organizations, offering courses such as how to succeed in the online auctions space, how to promote a website, and how to apply online-marketing techniques such as email targeting and the generation of Web traffic.

The School of Business and Technology Management maintains a strong commitment to ensuring its content is relevant to changes in the business world. To learn more about the Northcentral University programs described above and how becoming a Student can improve your own professional potential, visit www.ncu.edu or speak with an Enrollment Advisor by calling 1-866-776-0331.