Decisions and Dollars

For any Student earning an advanced degree, the process is full of weighty decisions. Degree seekers deliberate over which program to pursue, which classes to take and which material to memorize before a big test. First, however, is the careful consideration of which institution to attend, a choice which can be more difficult to make when the options are limited by residency requirements.

Residency requirements traditionally dictate that students attending a university outside their home state must pay thousands of dollars in addition to the often already overwhelming tuition rates. These financial implications may severely limit an individual’s education selection. Northcentral University, as a 100-percent-online university, enforces no residency requirements, making the tuition rate standard and affordable for all enrolled Students.

While this advantage profits all Northcentral University Students, adult Students influenced by the desire to retain their current job or to refrain from uprooting a family particularly benefit.

"Northcentral University provided me with an opportunity I would otherwise not have had,” said Jeremy Hodges, a Northcentral University PhD graduate. "As a working professional, as a father and as a husband there is no way I would have been able to complete this type of a program having to attend class. It just would not have been possible.”

By providing a completely online infrastructure, professionals can earn a degree from any point on a map and at any time of the day. Diminish both decisions and dollars; visit or call 1-866-776-0331 today for further information about Northcentral University.