Northcentral Graduation-Strangers in Study, Companions in Commencement

Students huddle nervously in the wings, conspicuous in their ceremonial garb and rearranging their caps until perfecting the proper skew atop their graduate heads. And while the Students of the 100-percent online Northcentral University may have never before seen the capped faces of the peers that surround them, they are linked by common goals, joint achievements and the degrees they are about to accept.

Northcentral University
sets itself apart from other online institutions by giving Students the opportunity to formally celebrate their accomplishments in person. Each June, graduating Students are invited to leave the laptops that guided them to success and gather in Arizona for the Northcentral University commencement ceremony.

"Our Students have put in time, focus and commitment to earn these degrees,” explains Northcentral University President Clinton Gardner. "It is our pleasure to honor and celebrate their work by inviting them to gather together near our campus. We pride ourselves in offering Students the convenience of online learning, without sacrificing the traditions of a brick-and-mortar.”

The 2011 ceremony will be held on June 11 at Tim’s Toyota Center in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Northcentral University is honored to welcome Dr. Michael Dyson as the commencement speaker. Dr. Dyson is a renowned professor, pundit and contributing editor to Time magazine.

"Dr. Dyson represents the work ethic and attitude we strive to instill in each of our Students,” says Dr. Gardner. "Success does not depend on the circumstances that may stand in the way of education, but how education helps you overcome these obstacles and open opportunities. And commencement celebrates this.”

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