Leaders In Demand: Applied Computer Science Specialization

In today’s environment of instant downloads and status updates, a technological triumph can last no longer than a nanosecond. To stay both efficient and competitive in the global marketplace, businesses must constantly invest in new technologies as well as the personnel to oversee them. Companies are on the lookout for professionals with advanced knowledge of contemporary applied computer science methods and who can successfully apply them to the corporate setting.

Between 2011 and 2014, applied computer science positions such as computer software engineers, network and computer system administrators and database administrators are projected to experience double-digit job growth, according to CNN Money. The project-oriented nature of some aspects of the work can also introduce an option for independent consulting.

"Computer science is involved in so much of what we do but most of us just understand the technology from a user perspective,” said A. Lee Smith, Dean of Northcentral University’s School of Business and Technology. "To make it easy for the average person to understand that technology and make it intuitive requires incredible skill sets on the back end. Every company will require computer scientists – we’re still only on the cusp of where this technology is going to go.”

Northcentral University offers a Master of Business Administration with an Applied Computer Science specialization that is designed to prepare Students to be advanced practitioners as well as leaders.

"Students who receive their MBA in one of the computer science fields are primarily looking to get into management in operations or in information technology,” Smith continued. "Employers are looking for someone with a specialization in that area. Regardless if it is a university or a large corporation, it will have an IT department. Both are looking for those who not only have a computer science background but who have it framed around principles of management.”

Courses within the Applied Computer Science specialization help Students master technical qualifications such as the foundations of programming languages, building and implementing databases and the architecture of operating systems. These classes are integrated with specialized business courses such as Computerized Systems for Business and Management, which examines the complete development of information technology systems from design to implementation. The program also taps into the management courses offered through the traditional MBA program.

To learn more about how you can apply to Northcentral University’s Applied Computer Science specialization, visit www.ncu.edu or call 866-776-0331 for more information.