8/11/2014 - NCU Announces Three New Post-Master Certificate Programs: Trauma and Disaster Relief - Elder Care and Geropsychology - Addictions and Rehabilitation

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, August 11, 2014 – Northcentral University (NCU), a global online graduate school, announced today the introduction of three new Post-Master Certificate programs through the University’s School of Psychology. 

The programs are: 

  • Trauma and Disaster Relief
  • Elder Care and Geropsychology
  • Addictions and Rehabilitation

“These certificates address three of the most important, and unfortunately most pressing social concerns today,” says Dr. Robert Haussmann, Dean of the School of Psychology. “Natural and manmade disasters in recent years have created a critical need for advanced training for helping professionals engaged in assisting individuals in coping with immediate, short-term and long-term issues and regaining control of their lives.”

The Trauma and Disaster Relief certificate prepares learners to work with individuals who have witnessed natural disasters, accidents, abuse, physical injury, bullying, etc., and who are now grappling with how to cope or to integrate memories or feelings related to that experience. The courses include:

  • Psychology of Violence
  • Psychology of Traumatic Stress
  • Disaster, Terrorism and Mass Violence: Impacts on Mental Health
  • Trauma-informed Assessment, Risk, and Diagnosis
  • Trauma-informed Interventions with Disaster and Trauma Survivors
  • Gender and Cultural Considerations in Disaster Trauma and Response

The Elder Care and Geropsychology certificate is designed specifically for psychologists and other helping professionals to assist older adults and their families address age-related issues, changes in family dynamics, and quality of life care. The courses include:

  • Mental Health and Aging
  • Aging, Families and Elder Care
  • Multicultural Perspectives of Aging
  • Death and Dying
  • Psychology of Aging
  • Psychological Practice in Gerontology

“An aging population is of concern globally. From a psychological perspective, researchers are only now beginning to understand what constitutes a healthy and successful aging process because people are living longer than their parents and grandparents. In addition, we are encountering more and more multigenerational households as families attempt to cope with caring for older relatives while navigating their own adulthood,” Haussmann says.

The Addictions and Rehabilitation courses will cover core functions in addiction counseling, thus providing students with information to help them prepare for eventual and advanced careers in addiction rehabilitation. Its courses include:

  • Integrated Theories of Addiction and Rehabilitation
  • Case Management Approaches and Methods
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Advanced Clinical Supervision (Leadership)
  • Addiction Treatment and Special Populations
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Addictions and Rehabilitation

“Our new Addictions and Rehabilitation certificate complements our existing Addictions certificate. It has been designed specifically for individuals interested in gaining knowledge of case management, clinical supervision, clinical supervision leadership strategies, rehabilitation needs of special population, and evidence-based practices in addiction rehabilitation,” says Haussmann.

Please visit http://www.ncu.edu for more information.

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