NCU Enrollment Advisor Pursues Her Own PhD in Education

For the past six years, Gloria Turner has been an NCU Enrollment Advisor, but soon the PhD in Education candidate hopes to be an NCU professor.

Turner, who has her MBA and will graduate in July 2016 with her doctorate degree, was encouraged by the students she advises and other NCU professors to pursue her own PhD.

“NCU professors told me that once I had my PhD, I would be surprised at the opportunities that would open up,” said Turner.

NCU’s Sports Management Specialization is a Winning Game Plan

Many children dream of growing up and playing professional sports. Most of us will never realize that dream, but there are other avenues to a career in sports. This is exactly what one former high school athlete and NCU graduate did.

NCU Graduate, Dr. James DeLung, Shares His Decision on Why He Chose NCU

NCU’s Appointment of Melissa Sledge as Co-Chair of Diversity Committee

At NCU, we believe that a more diverse and inclusive community creates a better educational environment. In support of NCU's commitment to overall diversification, we established a Diversity Committee to place greater attention on diversity-related initiatives for students, professors and team members.

How to Stop the Battle Over Homework

What’s the trick to stop the fighting over homework? NCU Mentor M. Lynn Morse, Ed.D., a mother of a 10-year-old, shares her sure-fire tips to survive nightly homework.

NCU Alum Named Montana's Fire and Aviation Management Bureau Chief

What started as a volunteer firefighter position at age 17, turned into a lifetime career for Dr. Michael DeGrosky. He was recently appointed as Montana’s new Fire and Aviation Management Bureau Chief.

Keep Your Business From Failing

Starting a business can be a challenge. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Arguably, other research is a bit more optimistic saying half will fail. No matter what set of numbers you believe, what’s the secret sauce that makes one business make it and another fail? To get some insight, we spoke with NCU professor, Dr.

Career Opportunities with a Master of Science Specialization in Public Administration

When most people think about careers in public administration, the first thing that comes to mind are front-facing positions like police officers, elected officials or firefighters. There are, however, a whole host of career fields available for public administration graduates.

How Mindfulness Improves Learning

Simply put, mindfulness is being non-judgmentally aware and actively engaged in the present moment. Many people are surprised when they learn that they have to intentionally harness mindfulness and that our default state is mindlessness, or being zoned out and operating on autopilot.

HALT Emotional Eating

It’s 9 p.m. and the kids are finally in bed. You finished a paper, you’re worried about how dirty the house is and the exam you have tomorrow. Suddenly you have a massive craving for potato chips. If you think your body is truly hungry, think again. More likely your sudden desire for a salty treat has nothing to do with needing calories and everything to do with needing soothing.