Career Opportunities with a Master of Science Specialization in Public Administration

When most people think about careers in public administration, the first thing that comes to mind are front-facing positions like police officers, elected officials or firefighters. There are, however, a whole host of career fields available for public administration graduates.

How Mindfulness Improves Learning

Simply put, mindfulness is being non-judgmentally aware and actively engaged in the present moment. Many people are surprised when they learn that they have to intentionally harness mindfulness and that our default state is mindlessness, or being zoned out and operating on autopilot.

HALT Emotional Eating

It’s 9 p.m. and the kids are finally in bed. You finished a paper, you’re worried about how dirty the house is and the exam you have tomorrow. Suddenly you have a massive craving for potato chips. If you think your body is truly hungry, think again. More likely your sudden desire for a salty treat has nothing to do with needing calories and everything to do with needing soothing.

Former Firefighter Now NCU Student Shares Doctoral Journey

Service is the central theme of Al Williams career. The former firefighter teaches homeland security at Indian River State College in Florida. He’s dedicated to keeping the public safe and training the next generation to do the same in an increasingly worrisome world.

PhD in Business Administration Shares His NCU Experience


When you’re a college instructor picking a school for your own education, you can bet that your standards are high. Such was the case when Richard Babich decided to pursue his PhD.

NCU Sponsors Lecture on Treatment for Psychological Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Northcentral University’s Department of Marriage and Family Sciences is hosting an online guest lecture on Thursday, February 18. The title of the lecture is: EMDR Therapy for the Treatment of Trauma and Psychological Stress which will provide an introduction to EMDR Therapy, an evidence-based treatment for psychological trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder. This treatment has also been helpful to those who are facing a variety of other challenges, such as depression and grief.

Online Education Booming for Baby Boomers

On the surface, Baby Boomers may seem to be an unlikely demographic for online education, but according to Jarita Westbook-Caspers, an NCU Enrollment Advisor, it can actually be the ideal path to a degree for older students.

Caspers knows from experience. She is a Baby Boomer who graduated from NCU in 2014 with a Master of Education in E-Learning.

NCU Professor Shares Innovations in Education Technology

Technology has changed learning in the 21st Century, and NCU is a perfect example since the university offers 100 percent online coursework with no physical residency requirements. Throughout this industry, innovators are leveraging new tools to enhance learning and change how people think about education. One of those thought leaders is NCU’s Dr. William Smith, a professor in the School of Education. We recently caught up with Dr.

The Benefits of the NCU Global Training and Development Specialization

Today, business is global thanks to technology. To meet the demands of companies broadening their reach internationally, NCU recently added a master’s and doctoral degree specialization in global training and development. Dr.

NCU Team Presents at Prestigious Conference

In January, NCU professors Dr. Darren Adamson, Dr. Yulia Watters and NCU doctoral candidate Deborah Bell traveled to the 7th Annual Qualitative Report Conference in Florida to present their paper, “Qualitative Inquiry in a Distance-based Environment: Thoughts and Tips.”