Priority Paper Piling: A Time Management Tip for Busy Professionals

Do you regularly sit down at your desk with the goal of completing some important task for work or school, only to find yourself completely overwhelmed by the papers strewn about your desk?

You don’t know what half of them are for, and you don’t want to know, but every single time they manage to drag your attention away from the thing you sat down to do. Just the sight of them in front of you immediately makes you feel stressed. Where do you begin?

Attack Your Day! Time Management Tips for Working Professionals and Students

Welcome to the first post of our new blog series devoted to Attack Your Day! Before it Attacks You. We are very proud to partner with Attack Your Day to help provide important time and activity management tips to our busy Northcentral University students.

Lighten Up, with E-Textbooks

Two great advantages of an online education are convenience and flexibility; the online student can study wherever they are and whenever they have the time with the click of a mouse via their Learner Portal. The online-degree seeker needs materials that suit this strategy, which for some means finding an alternative to a traditional textbook that weighs nearly the same as a red clay brick.

Commitment * Dedication * Devotion

In a Journey from Sierra Leone to Anchorage, Alaska, Milton Kabia Wins NCU’s Dissertation of the Year Award with a Fierce Determination for a Life of Learning 

Age is Just a Number

For 73-Year-Old PhD Candidate Lorinda Eldredge, There Has Never Been a Better Time to Earn Her Doctorate – and She Looks Forward Towards a Future of Helping Children


We recently chatted with Melanie E. Shaw, Ph.D., Faculty Mentor at Northcentral University, to discuss education, teaching – and all points in between.

“Mel” is a military spouse, and she jokes that she has the second best job in the world – her husband is a jazz drummer in the Air force! The couple has a daughter currently studying at Georgia State University in Atlanta, as well as younger daughter who is a freshman in High School in Illinois.

Hitting a Home Run While the Bases Are Loaded: Earning an Online Advanced Degree Maximizes Career Opportunities

Any good coach knows that to make the game-winning play, sometimes you have to switch it up. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of an online education is the ability to acquire new skill sets while still working full time. A prime example is the online Master of Education in Athletic Coaching at Northcentral University.

A Positive Performance Review

A seasoned expert in evaluating professional performance, Northcentral University Faculty Mentor Dr. Gene Fusch has carved a career in improving workplaces and individual work efficiency. However, Dr. Fusch doesn’t limit his work to studying the performance of others, he believes that consistent self-evaluation is crucial to becoming a valued education professional. 

“Writing” the Technology Wave

It’s the night before your big paper is due. Hours—or possibly even days—of your hard work is ready for review by that experienced faculty member who’s a stickler for citation.

Marketing...Polo! Discover your career with the Northcentral University Degree Finder

The tulle on your tutu has slowly disintegrated till only a few fibers remain, and the fireman hat pinches your ears from inadequate size.  Your childhood dreams no longer fit your lifestyle, and have been replaced by daunting questions of “What next?” and “What am I supposed to do with my life?”