Getting to Know Dean Haussmann

Dr  Robert Haussmann edit (2)In an effort to acquaint our students and alumni with the Dean of the School of Psychology, we caught up with Dr. Robert “Bob” Haussmann and asked him a few getting-to-know-you questions:

Virtual Student? How to Connect with other Virtual Students

As a student, building social networks with your peers and instructors is an important part of the education experience. The only problem is you’re a virtual student—and proud of it—but you still crave the social connections that are common in a traditional higher education environment. What can you do?

Social Media
Social media is no longer reserved for giggly teenagers who engage in poke wars and party pumping coeds. There is legitimate value and quality connections to be had.

Peace Requires Action

Meet Alumnus Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch (MAMFT, 2012)

The Shalom Task Force located in Brooklyn, New York, was created as the first domestic violence and family enrichment organization in the Orthodox Jewish community. The institute helps teenagers in over 50 schools by promoting healthy dating relationships in addition to providing premarital education. It also oversees a national domestic violence hotline.

The man behind this work is Executive Director Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch (MAMFT, 2012).

Changing Lives by Teaching Families a New Waltz

catherine newellMeet NCU Alumna Catherine J. Newell (MAPsy, 2007)

How to Use Linkedin to Grow Your Business

Even though Facebook and Twitter have LinkedIn outnumbered in terms of users, it is gaining momentum. The professional social networking site reached 200 million users in January 2013.

According to a January 2012 Forrester Research report, 75% of professionals say they rely on social networks to make business decisions, and 65% of businesses say they’ve acquired sales from LinkedIn.

Link Round Up: Business Websites

As most business professionals can attest, keeping up with the latest information, trends and stocks is vital. With so many websites, blogs and resources out there, it can become inundating knowing which sources to visit.

We compiled a list of the top 10 business sites that receive the most monthly visitors according to Share some of your favorite websites and blogs for business news in the comments section below!

Link Round Up: Technology Websites

Keeping up with changes in technology can be daunting. Such rapid advances require tech industry professionals and enthusiasts to stay current practically daily. While there are a number of websites and blogs on the Internet focused on technology, we’ve compiled some of the more popular ones below.

Do you have a favorite technology website? If so, share it in our comments section!

Anya Kamenetz to Speak at NCU Graduation on June 8

Kamenetz A-PhotoWriter Anya Kamenetz will deliver NCU's 13th Annual commencement address. Northcentral’s 2013 graduation ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 8 at 10 a.m.

NCU Yak Attack Team Member Finishes Race in 3rd Place

The results are in for the Northcentral University p/b Nepali Tea Traders Cycling Team that tackled the 2013 Yak Attack in Nepal.

•3rd Place: Aayman Tamang (Nepali team member)
•7th Place: Robert Burnett (USA team member and NCU student)
•11th Place: Thor Leochell (USA team member and NCU student)
•17th Place: Rajan Bhandari (Nepali team member)

Pictures from the award ceremony and the race are available online.

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