NCU Professor Highlights Current Trends in Marketing

by Melodi Guilbault, PhD

More than 50 years ago, Peter Drucker stated that the purpose of a business was to get and keep a customer. In 2015 this goal has not changed, but the way it can be accomplished has changed. A few of the trends contributing to these changes are: mobile marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing.

An HR Pro Shares Inside Secrets for Job Seekers

While there are many paths that can lead to the perfect job, one tool that almost every job seeker uses is the Internet. But with so many job hunting sites out there, where should you begin?

To get the inside scoop we turned to Jennifer Prilliman, NCU’s Talent Acquisition Specialist to learn where she looks to find candidates.

“I mainly search CareerBuilder, Indeed, The Ladders and LinkedIn for talent,” Prilliman said. “I also sometimes recruit from Dice.”

Doctor in Education Graduates with a Specialization in Nursing Education are in High Demand

We’ve all heard about the shortage of nurses in the U.S., but what gets less coverage is the shortage of nurse educators.

NCU is pleased to announce a new specialization in the School of Education: a Doctor in Education (EdD) with a specialization in Nursing Education.

Budget constraints, an aging faculty and increasing job competition from clinical employers have contributed to the lack of nurse educators.

Change Your Diet, Change Your Mood

More than 16 million American adults have experienced it. It costs the country more than $80 billion in lost productivity and health care, and 50% of people never seek help.

Depression. It’s so common, yet somehow still has a stigma. With so many people resisting treatment, and the average psychotherapy approach taking 10-20 weeks, during Depression Education & Awareness Month we’re shining the light on how doing something as simple as switching your diet can have a profound effect on the condition.

Can You Spot An Abuser?

Every NINE seconds a woman in America is assaulted or beaten.

It could be your friend, your sister, your mother, your co-worker, or you. Domestic violence crosses all classes, races and ages. During October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month shines the light on this dark secret that more than 30% of women hold.

10 Tips To Build Brand YOU

We all know iconic brands like Coca-Cola, BMW and Apple, but we often don’t think that we, as individuals, are brands. In a competitive business world, the personal brand you present is imperative. Today’s world is fast-paced, with information bombarding us from everywhere. People tend to make snap judgements based on the image you present in person, on email or social media.

Think of your brand as the story of you. You get to decide on the message and craft the book. Here are 10 tips to Develop a Winning Personal Brand:

Marketing to Foreign Consumers in South Korea

Thanks to technology, the world really is our oyster. We can work from anywhere, and our customer can be anywhere.

Top 10 Actions to Stop Bullying

Nearly 25% of kids get bullied at school. As a parent, it not only breaks your heart, but rises your ire. To highlight National Bullying Prevention Month, we’re sharing with parents the Top 10 things they can do to prevent their child from becoming a victim.

Top Five Internet Scams & Safety Tips

As we live more and more of our lives in a virtual online, the risk to our personal security and identity is only getting worse. According to Fraud. Org here are the Top Five Internet Scams to watch out for.

Fake Check Scams

10 Ways to Train Your Brain

In recent years, scientists have realized that the brain isn’t set and fixed, but instead fluid and changing throughout life. This means that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and today is the perfect day to start.