Three Tips to Motivate Students for Success


Let’s face it, we all learn in different ways.  As an educator, you seek to find teaching methods that work for all of your students.  That’s where things can get tricky.  Here are three tips to motive students for success and help you become a more effective communicator in the classroom.


Avoid Negative Statements 

Dr. Richard Remedios, Dissertation Chair for Northcentral University’s Graduate School  “These types of statements cause students to worry because they are perceived as a threat.  When students feel threatened, this leads to poor performance and a lack of motivation,” contends Dr. Remedios.  He adds that fear appeals “are ubiquitous and well-meaning attempts to motivate students, but they often have undesired effects.”   

Instead, Dr. Remedios suggests using statements that evoke encouragement, rather than worry for students. His suggestion is simple – use language that is non-threatening. For example, try “if you work hard then you will get the grades you need to get to college.”  He explains that by eliminating the negative language of words such as “not,” for example, will help students feel more motivated to do better in class.   

Provide Positive Feedback 

Dr. Remedios recommends using a positive approach to students who might be struggling.  “Bolster their confidence by giving them positive feedback and reassuring them. Tell them, ‘you’re doing okay, don’t worry about it.’ Avoid negative feedback and, instead, focus on the positive.”   

Encourage Learning from Failures 

Keep in mind that not everyone is going to get it right the first time around, and that’s okay!  We’ve all experienced failure at some juncture in our personal and professional lives. “Failure is a part of the process, and if you’re not failing, you’re probably not doing it right,” explains Dr. Remedios. He says students should be encouraged to learn from their failures and work to improve them. 


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