The Differences between a DBA and a PhD in Business

When it comes to choosing the best business doctorate program for you, how do you decide between a PhD in Business or Business Administration and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree? Both are doctoral programs, both are going to get you that coveted title of “Dr.,” and both can be attained online or at a traditional brick and mortar college or university.

Ultimately, your decision may boil down to where you see your business career in the future. Do you see yourself teaching at a University? Conducting research and publishing a book? Utilizing your skills and knowledge as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Your career goals are an essential part of choosing which doctoral degree you are going to pursue.

Dr. A. Lee Smith, dean of Northcentral University's School of Business and Technology Management talks more about the difference between a DBA and PhD in Business in the video below. You'll learn about why one is considered more of a professional doctorate, why a student may choose one degree over the other, and the answer to that age-old question: Does a DBA student have to defend their dissertation?

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