Online Education Booming for Baby Boomers

On the surface, Baby Boomers may seem to be an unlikely demographic for online education, but according to Jarita Westbook-Caspers, an NCU Enrollment Advisor, it can actually be the ideal path to a degree for older students.

Caspers knows from experience. She is a Baby Boomer who graduated from NCU in 2014 with a Master of Education in E-Learning.

According to Caspers, the biggest fear that prospective Baby Boomer students have is a fear of technology.

“I help ease their fears by letting them know that NCU has an online help desk with individuals who can speak to them via phone to help solve any technical issue that may come up,” she said.

Once Baby Boomers get over their trepidation about technology, Caspers is quick to point out the many benefits online learning offers. Here she shared with us some of the main reasons an online NCU education appeals to Boomers:

  1. No GRE/GMAT required. Boomers may have been out of school for a long time and not studied for a standardized test in decades.
  2. Flexibility. There is no set log-in times and Boomers can work at their own pace.
  3. No residency requirement. Boomers have established lives and don’t want to relocate for school.
  4. No student groups or discussion boards. Most schools have both of these and Boomers have been there, done that, and do not like - or have the time - to mess with group assignments. NCU for the most part only has a few discussion posts and usually they are between the student and the professor.
  5. Learning styles. Online education is a good fit for any learning style.
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