Northcentral University Brings Higher Education to Those with Disabilities

With just a few minutes between classes, students of traditional brick-and-mortar institutions often find themselves racing across terrain and cobblestones, attempting shortcuts by cutting through buildings and across lawns to make it to their next class in time. This is a daily challenge for any student, but particularly for a student with disabilities who is unable to easily maneuver a spiraling staircase or wade through a crowded pathway.

Online education has made substantial strides in enabling those with disabilities to earn an advanced degree. With unmatched flexibility in scheduling classes and coursework, an online digital platform, no residency requirements and low tuition costs, a distance-learning institution like Northcentral University brings an advanced degree easily within reach to those with physical disabilities. In addition to students with impaired mobility, the online academic infrastructure is particularly beneficial to those who are hearing or speaking impaired, allowing them to complete their education in a learning environment they can be genuinely comfortable in.

Students aren’t alone—teaching professionals with disabilities can also benefit from the opportunities of online education. Northcentral University mentors are able to instruct, assist and interact with students from any location, at any time. To read the stories of two professors who have benefitted from a Web-based university environment, click here.

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