Five Ways to Increase Your Klout Score

If you have clout, you have influence and power. If you have “Klout,” however, you wield this power online, and social media metric company, Klout, has a score for you.

Why does a Klout score matter? Simply put, it can help you get hired, it can help you make sales and interact with customers and it can give you credibility in a crowded and loud world.

Klout looks at more than 400 metrics to measure how influential you are across social media platforms. Here are five surefire tips to increase your Klout score:

  1. Be authentic: This is common social media sense. Be who you are. Talk in language that sounds like you and share things that speak to you. Even online, people can sense a phony and so can Klout!
  2. Connect with influencers: Your Klout score is helped when someone with a high Klout score interacts in some way with your post. The key to doing this is to offer compelling content. Post your own content and share the content of influencers to start an online relationship. In addition, the more C-level executives you’re connected to on LinkedIn, the higher your Klout score.
  3. Be active but not noisy: Klout rewards people who consistently produce engaging content. However, if you’re too active and inundating your followers feeds, they will get turned off and ignore you. It’s a delicate balancing act.
  4. Focus on one network: Klout weighs the network you’re most active on more heavily than others so pick the one you love and go with it.
  5. The higher you climb, the harder it gets: Once your Klout score reaches 40, it gets harder and harder to inch it up. In order for Klout to be an effective measurement tool, it weeds out those who aren’t truly influencers.

It’s time to get online, get social and raise your Klout score!

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