4 Summer Learning Activities to Keep Kids Engaged

It's official – summer break has begun. While millions of students across the country rejoice, parents are searching for opportunities to keep those wandering minds active. Whether you're an educator looking for ways to keep kids engaged in summer school or a parent looking for tips, try one of these four summer learning activities for kids.

The Summer Reading List

Education may have made its way into the digital age, but simple summer reading programs continue to stand the test of time for a reason – they work. In fact, recommended reading is one of the easiest ways to keep a student's mind sharp during a break from structured educational activities. Looking for advice on what to read? A quick visit to your local library is sure to uncover a reading program that can keep both you and your student busy for the entire summer break. Having trouble finding a library in your area? You can participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge online!

Digital Learning

Are your kids mildly addicted to video games? With JumpStart, you can take that passion for gaming and help focus it in a new direction – learning! JumpStart provides games that are packed with educational activities and available for students of all ages. You can find games on everything from science to reading and English, so your child or young adult can play games while advancing their skillset for the upcoming school year.

Free Educational Apps

If your child's smartphone is glued to their hand anyway, why not download a few apps that can sneak in some brain-teasing time? Free apps such as World's Worst Pet, Cargo-Bot and Rocket Science 101 can help your student brush up on their vocabulary, flex their brain muscles or even launch a rocket! If these examples aren't exactly what you're looking for, a simple search for educational apps in your App Store can provide more options.

Summer Learning Events

If you're looking for summer learning programs that allow your child to interact with others while learning, check out this Summer Learning Day Event Map presented by the National Summer Learning Association. From summer learning challenges to reading days and educational camps, you can find educational opportunities for kids of all ages almost anywhere in the country.

Taking advantage of summer learning activities for kids not only provides entertainment, it gives your kids the opportunity to participate in active learning that keeps the mind engaged in the learning process. By utilizing these and other summer learning programs, educators and parents can work together to help ensure success in the coming school year.

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