10 Tips to Create a Vision Board

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “thoughts become things,” but how about images? In the past few years, vision boards have become a popular tool to get really clear about your goals and keep them front and center.

The idea of vision boards has its roots in personal development and the concept of “The Law of Attraction.” What we put our focus on is what we draw to us both consciously and subconsciously.

Anyone can make a vision board. It can be as basic as pasting images on a poster board or, according to Life Coach Constance Whitesell, you can use technology like Magisto to make vision movies.

“It is a visual representation of your goals,” said Whitesell. “Hanging it in a frequented room or putting a picture of it as a computer's desktop photo or a smartphone's wallpaper allows for an instant visual reminder of one's dreams. It becomes a source of constant inspiration and who doesn't need that?”

Assuming you’re going low-tech grab your board, glue, magazine, photos, scissors and get ready to have some fun. Here are 10 tips to creating a board that represents your true desires and goals:

  1. Reflect on the goals you have for major areas of your life such as career, romance, family, hobbies, etc.
  2. Feel, don’t think. This can be hard for many of us, but it’s your gut that knows what you really want, not your head.
  3. Don’t just use magazines you have lying around the house. This is your life! Go to the bookstore and simply scan the magazines and grab what speaks to you. Don’t judge it, whether it’s Cosmopolitan or National Geographic, buy the magazines that resonate with your body, not your brain.
  4. Don’t question it. If you rip out a picture of a vineyard in Italy, an office in a historic building and a picture of a baby, go with it. Something inside you is drawn to all of them.
  5. Don’t settle. Don’t put any image on the board that doesn’t fill you with joy.
  6. You can cut out words as well such as passion, joy, leader, balance and “a life exotic.”
  7. Put the vision board where you can see it. An office or your bedroom are great options.
  8. Take a picture of it and use it as your screensaver for your computer and phone.
  9. As your goals change, make sure to update your board.
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