Gregory T. Bradley, PhD

Vice President of the Office of Research and Dean of Institutional Research (IR)

"Science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be, and outside of its domain value judgments of all kinds remain necessary." -Albert Einstein

Dr. Greg BradleyDr. Greg Bradley is Vice President of the Office of Research and Dean of Institutional Research (IR). He was appointed to this role in August of 2014. Previous appointments held at the university include Dean of the Graduate School, Dean of the Office of Academic Research, Director of Instructional Research, and Research Methodologist/Statistician in the School of Business and Technology Management.

Dr. Bradley's field of expertise is the application of inferential statistics in solving complex business problems. His personal research interests include the practical utilization of both customer and employee satisfaction research, the application of structural equation modeling to identify the correlates of customer loyalty, the utilization of conjoint analysis to assess the behavior of customer choice, and the utilization of multidimensional scaling to assist with product and service positioning strategies. Of note, Dr. Bradley currently serves as a member of the academic research team responsible for investigating the economic impact of the BP oil spill on the state of Mississippi.

Dr. Bradley has spoken at several investment, development, and marketing conferences around the country and has authored a variety of technical documents and peer-reviewed articles related to improving the decision making process through quantitative analysis. He is currently working on a national empirical analysis of the differences in service quality attitudes by casino patrons differentiated by both the perceived and real value of complementaries (comps) received while gaming. He also has extensive classroom experience, having taught several courses in quantitative decision modeling, multivariate analysis, consumer behavior, and global managerial policy and strategy.

Dr. Bradley holds a PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in management. His dissertation also had a secondary interdisciplinary emphasis in Marketing and Cognitive Psychology, focused on developing comparative structural equation models to identify the antecedents of customer loyalty in the North American gaming industry. He also has a Master of Business Administration degree and a baccalaureate degree in Business Administration with a dual emphasis in marketing and human resources. Learn more about Dr. Gregory Bradley.

Dr. Bradley and his wife Donna are both natives of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and reside in Gulfport, Mississippi. Bradley was recently tapped by the state to be a part of a special academic team investigating the economic impact of the BP oil spill on his beloved Gulf Coast. Bradley lives in an area highly dependent on tourism, and he studied the impact of the disaster on Gulf Coast tourism feeder markets, attempting to determine how it changed people’s visitation behavior and the temporal magnitude of the change. “The bad news is that we’ve been hit with three consecutive negative events in Hurricane Katrina, the recession, and now, the BP oil spill. The good news is that the people of the Gulf Coast region are exceedingly resilient, and we’re on our way to recovery. Our objective in this particular study is to identify the magnitude and scope of the impact now, and forecast the future impact, so that we can appropriately plan and execute the recovery.”